Making Internet Hotspots within University Grounds Possible

Pocket Cyber Cafe envisions education to be the tool to change the rural areas and the wider world

University is the place we look forward to not just for better educational opportunities but freedom. Becoming independent is part of attending the university. However, in rural areas like Congo, university life is tough. Completing your educational requirements is such a tough job that students hardly think of earning that freedom they have yearned for. They don’t even have the freedom to study as they like. Across the global world, the most renowned universities are the standard for what students expect from this time of their life. It is about crossing huge yards to get from one department to another, enjoy food at the fine cafeteria, visit the cafes around the university grounds, and spend hours at the library or the state of the art computer labs. There is much more to the fantasy university life. And most of it is dependent on the unlimited access to the internet. At universities, the internet is not just limited to classroom halls or where it is needed most for research and study. The Internet can actually be found in almost every corner of the university. This makes it easier for the student to continue their educational endeavors at any spot they like.Moreover, it gives access to

a huge pile of resources.In the universities across the globe, students are heavily involved in important research projects. Many of these are actually practical and conducted with the support from experts from the real world. The situation in Congo is different. Students don’t have access to affordable and reliable internet. Completing their basic educational requirement is a chore so a student of rural areas will hardly think about going out of the box. This lack of opportunity for the local student is one the significant reasons why Africa seems to lag behind in many areas when it comes to global development. We are wasting one of our biggest assets; the youth. The youth of these rural areas has an unlimited amount of potential that can be uncovered if provided with the right tools. And Pocket Cyber Café is trying to do just that. We are aiming to provide smart solutions for educational platform around Congo. Not only are we trying to implement affordable Wi-Fi zones in Congolese universities but are trying to overcome to the associated the challenges as well. If you are a university in any rural part of Africa, we welcome you to partner with us on this mission.