Making Internet Possible Across High School Grounds

Pocket Cyber Cafe believes in equipping the students when they are just on the verge of getting into the real world

High schools are classical coming of age fantasies. But it is also one of the toughest times in a youngster’s life when it comes to studies. The stakes are high because you need to get into a good college or university. Many depend on scholarships as tuition fees are already too high. While completing high school in countries like the USA may seem fairly difficult, it is even more in the rural areas of Africa. Across the globe, high schools provide sufficient infrastructures and have funding for establishing well-equipped libraries and computer land. With the introduction of Wi-Fi zones, now it is easy to get access to online resources even when you are not close to a proper computer or library. In rural areas of Africa, the story is different. Students struggle with a lack of resources and internet is a big issue. Either the internet connection they are provided are too expensive or unreliable. This leaves them suffering from non-access to the many resources that can help them succeed at their educational pursuits. In the rest of the world, high school students are already involved in projects that can give them a head start in the real world. Writing papers and doing extracurricular activities that make them the cream of the student

population within their own educational institutions. A great deal of these situations is possible because many students are taking advantage of the easy access they have to the internet. Not only it helps them be better at their studies but discover the world at a young age and determine the direction they want to pursue. On the other hand, Congolese high schools lack funding and infrastructure to provide such luxuries to their students. The result is that even if the students have potential, which many surely have, they can’t uncover it or put it to good use. Student potential needs power resources to be revealed. The circumstances of the rural world leave many smart and intelligent students in tough situations. They want to play their role in the world and make the changes they want to see but something as common as the internet is holding them back. Pocket Cyber Cafe is trying the change the difficult time for high school students in rural areas of Africa. We are not only going to provide affordable and reliable internet throughout high school grounds but do it smartly to overcome the long-term challenges. If you are rural region high school, we welcome to join us on this journey.