The Internet for Smart Education

The Pocket Cyber Café helps:

  • Share resources
  • Enhance teaching methods and research with an integrated resource platform
  • Promote a unified communication system

Promoting Better Education with Reliable and Affordable Internet

Information technology (IT) is no longer just about digitizing the global village. It has more far-reaching benefits than many of us don’t understand as we are privileged to enjoy a few benefits. The Internet is not just connecting people across the world but connecting people in a positive manner. Through affordable internet, we can connect teachers, students, parents, and school administers even if they are miles apart. This helps to build competitive communities across the globe. Education is rapidly turning away from its traditional methods. Online learning is the new rage. It opens up more opportunities by being more flexible with people’s lifestyles. With Pocket Cyber Café, we are ensuring that everybody gets access to these opportunities. Our vision is about building better-connected education.

Promoting Long-distance Education

In a world where educational development has become the need of the hour, everyone is seeking it. Whether people go to classrooms, self-learn, attend high schools or universities, education is being accessed in some manner. One method that has become fairly common is long-distance learning. People realize that there is better education beyond their own borders despite having sufficient resources locally. They want to discover more potential and opportunities. However, distance learning is not as easy regardless of how rapidly it is trending around the world. When it comes to long-distance learning, there are certain challenges.

  • Not everyone gets access to the same useful online resources; leading to uneven distribution of resources
  • Communication between instructors and students or any other party involved is often poor
  • Many online long-distance educational platforms don’t have quality broadcasting and recording tools; making it difficult to share the required knowledge

Connecting Campuses Smartly

Nowadays, we are all familiar with the educational campuses all around the world that are changing the way we have known the academic sector. We have these platforms conducting advanced research projects where they connect students to real-life experts and great endeavors are uncovered. We have 24/7 open libraries and much more. But all of this is what we see on these surface. Many issues are still unhandled and pose as challenges.

The resources are scattered, which means reduced flexibility for the students and efficiency of the educational system

There is a severe lack of green practices. Energy resources are being constantly wasted, which is increasing costs in the long run

Surveillance systems are fairly old. This increase risks of unwanted incidents. The systems don’t support warning features and this makes response time towards emergency situation slow. As a result, many campuses are not safe

The management in many educational platforms is not unified. This leaves the teachers, students, administration, and the learning methods often at risk of being negatively affected

Pocket Cyber Café aims to change such challenging situations. We are the smart solution to implement within an educational system and can reduce the risks mentioned above. With continued support, we may be able to overcome the challenges to a stronger extent.

Realizing Mandela’s Dream

Nelson Mandela once notably said that education is a powerful tool. The leader obviously understood how good education can change the world as we know it. At Pocket Cyber Café, we believe that providing modern resources can support the education our youth needs to build a better future. If the rest of the world can do it, we can do it in Africa too. Pocket Cyber Café is on a mission to provide equal opportunities to the students in Congo and Africa. We support the opinion that better and well-equipped education is the right method to sustain and move Africa forward.

Pocket Cyber Café’s Service for Students at Home

To be Launched Soon:

The main objective of Pocket Cyber Cafe is to equip students in Congo and Africa with the best internet connection at affordable rates. We are not just limiting our mission to schools and universities. There are many students in the region that are studying without having access to proper platforms. Homeschooling has become as common as long-distance learning. In fact, we can safely assume that long-distance learning actually begins from the reasons why people study at home. Studying from home has many possible reasons. It is not just the youth that does not have access to schools and universities but older people who are managing life and making ends meet by doing part-time jobs. There are even older people like parents who are beginning to show interest in completing their education. While studying from home may seem comfortable to many around the world, it is not so much in the rural areas of Congo. In today’s fast paced world, books from the libraries don’t cut it anymore. Besides, these rural areas don’t even have sufficiently resourced libraries either. People know that a there is much more to be learned through the wider platform that the internet can provide them. And at some point, they will need better internet connections to meet the requirements of their educational degrees. Completing dissertations and research papers is no longer dependent on physically published journals or tomes. Moreover, there are papers and tests to be taken online along with forms to subscribe for online classes. All of this can be made easier with affordable and reliable internet connections even for those who decide to stay at home. Pocket Cyber Cafe is soon to launch a similar program. The project in the pipeline aims to support better education for stay at home learners regardless of their reasons to do so.