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It is the age of the internet. Unfortunately, it is a false belief that the internet has reached every corner of the world. There are plenty of ambitious youth across the world that is itching to make their mark on but is limited by the lack of internet. Consider the students of the rural areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many of the youth in these areas have reduced chances of finding their higher education because they can’t complete online research. The internet they have access to is either too expensive or unreliable.


Nowadays, students are more likely to pursue the internet than the library. It is not that books have lost their significance but many feel it easier to find specific information rather flipping through tomes. It is even more common for higher education seekers who need the internet for completing research papers and dissertations.

The Congo Education Situation

The country has freshly come out of war and tribal conflict. Out of 79 million, only 3 million people have access to the internet. Youth in the North Eastern region the most affected part are attending universities but have limited resources due to lack of internet and libraries.


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